Spirituality and Healing

Doctor Explores Spirituality and Health Intersection

Feb 16 2006 - 2:11pm

Practitioners of modern medicine often focus on the diagnosis and management of an illness rather than taking a holistic view of a patient's body, mind and spirit. When illnesses are minor, the outcomes are usually good. However, a patient with a life-threatening illness can experience a life crisis that requires physicians to be expert in both medical science and the care of the patient's psyche and spirit. For a person to walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and survive, requires a sense of hope and the will to live. These arise from the human soul, a mysterious part of our being. Another mystery is that patients who are prayed for have better illness outcomes than those not prayed for, whether or not they know of the prayers. For some patients, healing and recovery are spiritual.

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The Power of Touch

Dec 1 2005 - 8:27am

"It is the magic of a touch, the power of a hug... that make life joyful." This is a portion of my essay in high school. My teacher loved it. She even thought that a professional writer honed the article for me.

Her skepticism was a compliment at the time. Her disbelief was a subtle way of saying that I had some writing ability. You know what? I bragged about it for days.

What is the power of touch anyway?

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How to Feel the Human Aura with your Hands

Oct 9 2004 - 10:05pm

The Aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds us. Using the correct technique the aura is easily visible. Although my courses are about Dream Interpretation I started showing people how to see and feel the aura to overcome their skepticism when I'd get to discussing the spiritual dimension of dreams.

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How to See The Human Aura

Oct 9 2004 - 9:54pm

Techniques for seeing the aura alone are described later but it is best to do this with a group of 6 or more people. Choose a room that has a plain white or pastel colored wall. Dim the lights and wait until your eyes have adjusted. Have one person, the subject, stand still against the wall with their eyes closed so as not to distract the focus of the viewers. The viewers should stand or sit in front of the subject at a distance of about 6 feet. Glasses do not need to be removed by anyone.

What you will see

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Meeting the Patient's Spiritual and Religious Needs

Sep 23 2004 - 3:15pm

Spirituality and religion are very personal decisions. Patients can expect doctors and caregivers to respect their religious and spiritual beliefs and concerns. A cancer patient who relies on spirituality to cope with the disease may count on medical staff to respect that practice with support and referrals to appropriate spiritual or religious resources.

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Relation of Spirituality to Quality of Life

Sep 23 2004 - 3:04pm

It is not known for sure how spirituality is related to health. Some research shows that spiritual or religious beliefs and practices promote a positive mental attitude that may help a patient feel better. Spiritual and religious well-being may be associated with improved quality of life in the following ways.

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