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Americans Prefer Root Canal Treatment By Endodontists

Dec 5 2007 - 2:32am

There may not be a more feared dental procedure than a root canal, but the key to ensuring a positive experience is choosing the right professional to perform the procedure. Painful root canal treatment is a thing of the past thanks to advances pioneered by endodontists, the root canal specialists. In a just released L.C. Williams & Associates poll, 89 percent of individuals who previously underwent a root canal by an endodontist would return to the specialist for future procedures.

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Discussing Dental Services And Oral Health

Nov 20 2007 - 12:29am

The new arrangements for commissioning primary dental care services in the NHS have now been in place for some 18 months. The new contract has helped to stabilise the provision of NHS dental services and improved access for patients. Local Health Boards have been able to bring in new services if a dentist leaves or reduces their NHS commitment and have found little shortage of takers for new or expanded contracts when offered.

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Maine's School Oral Health Programs Get A Back-To-School Boost

Oct 17 2007 - 12:57am

Northeast Delta Dental Foundation is helping Maine-based efforts to ensure that school children receive dental services to prevent tooth decay, the most common, chronic, childhood disease. The Foundation awarded $5,000 to Oral Health America in support of the organization's Smiles Across America program, which helps communities build infrastructure for school oral health care. The entire award is allocated for services for uninsured and underinsured children.

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Low-Income Maryland Children Lack Dental Care

Oct 5 2007 - 1:32pm

More than 10,780 children eligible for Medicaid in Maryland have not received dental care in at least four years, and an additional 22,110 low-income children have not seen a dentist in at least two years, according to a review of dental records by the House Oversight and Government Reform Domestic Policy Subcommittee, the Washington Post reports. Subcommittee staff reviewed billing and service information from United Healthcare, one of the managed care groups that administers Medicaid benefits in Maryland.

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