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A nontoxic therapy helps eating disorder patients

2017-01-09 09:40
Obsessed with thinness

Research has revealed dissonance based therapy helps eating disorder patients.

Eating disorders can be life threatening. A dissonance based eating disorder program seems to offer a good nontoxic treatment for eating disorders.

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Small Increase in Zinc Foods May Help Fight Disease: Some Foods That Contain Zinc

2017-01-04 16:23
Zinc Foods

Zinc is an important mineral for human health, but are you sure you are getting enough?

Here in the US, many of us eat too many refined grains, such as polished white rice. Not only are these devoid of fiber, they are also lacking in an important mineral – zinc.

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An Uncommon Side Effect of Iron-Deficiency Anemia

2016-12-30 12:01

Iron is an important component of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to all body cells. Not having enough iron stores can negatively affect health in many ways.

Iron deficiency anemia is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world, occurring most often in women during the

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A pigment in leafy greens preserves intelligence as you age

2016-12-19 12:22
Green leafy veggies

Researchers have found that a pigment which is found in leafy green veggies helps to the preserve "crystallized intelligence" in the elderly.

There are concerns as people age that they will lose the power of their minds. Good nutrition is an essential component of maintaining a sharp mind as you age.

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Try sleeping well to decrease your desire for sugary and fatty foods

2016-12-08 05:21

Researchers have discovered a direct link exists between loss of REM sleep and the desire for sugary and fatty foods and so therefore sleeping well may decrease this desire for unhealthy food.

Getting adequate sleep is clearly very important for good health in body and mind. A lack of good sleep has been associated with many illnesses and a negative subjective feeling of well being.

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A little nuts daily can help you beat heart disease and cancer

2016-12-07 05:42

Researchers say eating just a handful of nuts daily lowers the risk of many serious diseases.

Nuts are a delicious and healthy food. The health benefits of eating nuts are actually incredibly good. Eating nuts daily in even small amounts can help you prevent many serious diseases.

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Are Your Pots and Pans Harming Your Health?

2016-12-02 18:29
Pans and health

When you bought your cookware, did you do research first? Probably not. You probably trusted that your store wasn't selling anything dangerous for cooking or that the FDA or other governmental agency would've banned any dangerous cookware products. But researchers have found that some cookware can have bad effects on your health.

Different pots, pans, and other cookware may cause health problems in the long term. Here's what researchers found:

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Hummus listeria recall: Trader Joe's and Sabra share health risks

2016-12-02 17:39

Do you have the recalled hummus from Trader Joe's and Sabra in your refrigerator, and are you risking your health?

The recent recall of hummus from two different brands, Trader Joe's and Sabra, is placing the spotlight back on Listeria monocytogenes.

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Probiotics lower stress and anxiety levels

2016-11-24 07:14

Researchers have found that common probiotics decrease stress and anxiety levels.

There as been a growing awareness of the value of probiotics to enhance health and well being. Recently scientists have determined that probiotics lower stress and anxiety.

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Vegetarians Rock Athletic Performance

2016-11-21 08:49
vegetarians rock athletic performance

Many people believe that eating a vegetarian or vegan diet can have a negative effect on athletic performance, even though there are thousands of professional athletes who have chosen this lifestyle. Now a new study has examined the impact of a vegetarian diet on athletic performance in elite adult endurance athletes.

Venus Williams, Hank Aaron, Tony Gonzalez, Phil Mickelson, Ricky Williams, Carl Lewis, and

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Try dry beans that cook fast for more protein and iron

2016-11-20 05:50

Researchers have found that there is more protein and iron in dry beans that cook quickly than in the varieties that cook slower.

Good nutrition is essential for good health in body and mind. A good source of nutrition is dry beans. Researchers

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Mediterranean-style diet may help you beat heart failure

2016-11-19 07:54
Mediterranean-style diet snack

Researchers have found a Mediterranean-style diet may decrease heart failure in elderly people.

Heart failure is a very debilitating condition which is a very common reason for hospital admissions in people 65 years old and older.

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Try unsweetened tea instead of sugary soda to prevent diabetes

2016-11-11 06:46
Unsweetened tea

Researchers have determined that there is an association between prediabetes and the regular consumption of sugary beverages. This association is not seen with diet soda.

Diabetes has become a health problem of enormous concerns. Researchers have determined there is an association between drinking sugary beverages and diabetes.

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Enjoy the Feast But Make Sure You Do This on Thanksgiving Day

2016-11-07 15:16
thanksgiving dinner idea

Thanksgiving Day may be one of the few times this year that you really “blow your diet.” This is perfectly acceptable – if you will just make time over the holiday weekend to fit in a few extra minutes of exercise.

If you are like me, you plan your wardrobe for Thanksgiving Day around how much you are likely to eat (ie: stretchy yoga pants all the way).

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Why You Should Not Use the Glycemic Index Alone for Your Cancer Prevention Diet

2016-11-03 13:52

Choosing a healthful diet is very important to reduce your risk of many types of cancer, but choosing a food solely based on its glycemic index is not necessarily a good idea.

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a numerical ranking of carbohydrates according to how much they raise blood sugar after eating.

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Beef or Crickets for Dinner?

2016-10-31 09:01
beef or crickets for dinner

Current meat production practices are not sustainable, destructive to the environment, terribly inhumane, and cannot keep up with the growing global population. The answer, according to some experts, is more wide use of insects not only as a protein source, but for their other nutrients as well. Will we soon be choosing between beef or crickets for dinner?

Billions are already eating insects

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A natural compound in onions may help fight cancer

2016-10-25 06:01

Researchers at Kumamoto University in Japan say they have isolated a natural compound isolated from onions called onionin A (ONA) which has several properties that help fight ovarian cancer.

There has been a growing awareness of the value of good nutrition to help fight cancer. Recently a compound which is from onions has been found to have anti-cancer properties.

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Best Diet for Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease

2016-10-24 15:40

Peripheral Artery Disease or PAD is a narrowing of the blood vessels – most commonly in the legs – that can lead to an increased risk of very serious health conditions. Diet plays a very important part in the care of PAD.

About 8.5 million Americans have peripheral artery disease, according to the American Heart Association.

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Crab and shrimp shells have healing potential

2016-10-19 22:59
Crab and shrimp

Research has found combining a sugar which is obtained from crab and shrimp shells with several nanomaterials could lead to the development of biomedical applications which may help with healing.

Crab and shrimp are considered a nutritious delicacy. These delicious shell fish may have more to offer than a delectable and nutritious meal. Crab and shrimp may also have healing potential.

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Macular degeneration risk is cut with a Mediterranean diet

2016-10-18 18:00

According to a new study people who closely adhere to the Mediterranean diet, particularly by eating fruit, may be significantly less likely to develop age-related macular degeneration.

Macular degeneration is a devastating illness which often leads to blindness. The finding that dietary factors can dramatically decrease the risk of this condition is encouraging.

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Edible Flowers and Why You Should Eat Them

2016-10-17 09:11
edible flowers

When most people think of flowers on the table, they envision them in a vase and not on their plate, and if they are part of the meal, it’s only for decoration. Yet there are numerous edible flowers and some great reasons for making them a part of your diet.

Are all flowers edible?

This is an important question, and the answer is an emphatic “no.” In fact, some flowers are toxic to both humans and animals.

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Cauliflower Could Be a New Grain

2016-10-08 14:49
cauliflower new grain

Bread and grains are dietary staples, yet many people stress out because they are concerned about gluten, calories, or glycemic index associated with these foods. What if cauliflower could be a new grain?

It’s not such a far-fetched idea, and in fact one company has already introduced two cauliflower grain products to the market.

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Nothing healthy about Naked Juice says consumer group

2016-10-05 13:03
Naked Juice lawsuit

A complaint filed by the Center for Science in the Public Interest alleges Pepsi Co. has been misleading the public by labeling their line of juice as nutritious. The organization claims the ingredients pictured on Naked Juice are misleading.

The CSPI is suing Pepsi, Co. for what they contend are misleading and false claims.

Three things about Naked Juice

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