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Light Therapy May Combat Fungal Infections, New Evidence Suggests

Mar 15 2005 - 7:12am

A newly discovered mechanism by which an infectious fungus perceives light also plays an important role in its virulence, according to Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators at Duke University Medical Center. The findings suggest that changes in light following fungal invasion of the human body may be an important and previously overlooked cue that sparks infection, the researchers said.

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Arthritis and Aromatherapy

Jan 8 2005 - 11:06am

Aromatherapy is a holistic approach to health and wellness by means of aromatic, plant derived scents. Aromatherapy blends for the treatment of arthritis are usually made from pure essential oils, but also from hydrosols and, more recently, phytols. For application to the skin they have to be mixed with vegetable oil, a cream base or a carrier lotion.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Infertility

Dec 9 2004 - 8:33am

Although health and healing are the common goals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and allopathic medicine, their ideas on the etiology of disease, disease itself and the process used to regain health are decidedly different. The allopathic physician learns that disease must be cured by prescribing medicine, which kills bacteria or renders a virus ineffective; at times surgical intervention is a necessity.

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Medical Intuition - A New Frontier In Health Assessments

Apr 21 2004 - 3:19pm

At the height of the Renaissance, Galileo Galilei and his newly discovered telescope viewed the moons of Jupiter for the first time. The priests and religious leaders of the era refused to look through the telescope fearing that they would have to acknowledge this new information and be forced to revise their model of the world.

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