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Stress can lead to mental illness down the road

2014-02-17 14:45
Chronic stress can lead to mental illness later on, according to new study.

Researchers have long known that when people endure long periods of chronic stress, their risk for developing future mental health problems increases. Prior studies have shown abnormalities in the brains of people suffering from stress-related conditions, such as chronic anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – and a new study now tells us why.

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Collateral Damage: Combat Vets, PTSD and How to Get Help

2013-12-31 12:07

One soldier returns home from a tour in Afghanistan, where he saw a great deal of combat. He takes time to unwind, reacquaint himself with his family and then finds a good job and picks up his life pretty much as it was before going off to serve his country. 2nd soldier's story with PTSD is different.

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Christmas is Not Time to Resolve Family Conflicts: Make It Stress-Free

2013-12-20 11:55
True Message of Christmas

If focus on the right message of Christmas you can make it stress-free, but if you are distracted by gift buying, shopping and trying to resolve family conflicts at the Christmas gathering the stress will be your friend.

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Good News For Soldiers: New Therapy May Help Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

2013-12-12 07:51

There has been a dramatic breakthrough for military people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, called Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). In view of the intensified state of hostilities worldwide in an era of a rise in the presence of well armed terrorist groups and heated regional conflicts, this is very significant to help cut down on the rate of losing surviving soldiers.

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Mother's perceived social status affects child's brain development and stress level

2013-08-12 12:37
How a mother perceives her social status predicts child's brain development

How a mother perceives her social status can predict her child’s brain development and stress indicators, according to a new study at Boston Children's Hospital, published August 6 in the journal

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Prescription painkiller deaths have "skyrocketed" in women, says CDC

2013-07-03 15:48
Number of women dying from drug overdose has "skyrocketed" says CDC

Prescription pain reliever deaths among women have increased five-fold in the last decade, jumping from 1,287 deaths in 1999 to a staggering 6,631 in 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Cont

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Exercise: How much matters, not how often

2013-06-21 13:33
New study shows how much you exercise matters, not how often

Previous physical activity guidelines recommended exercising on most or all days of the week, but a new study shows that doing 150 minutes of exercise all at one time is just as good for you as bre

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