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Doctors Should Promote More Exercise In Women 40-74

2008-12-12 07:17
female exercise

Exercise on prescription increases physical activity and quality of life and should become part of wider population strategies to promote exercise, concludes a study published on bmj.com today.

Regular exercise reduces the risk of heart and lung disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and death from all causes by an estimated 20-30%. The UK government wants at least 70% of the population to be active (30 minutes of moderate physical activity five times a week) by 2020. Currently, only 40% of men and 28% of women in the UK are meeting this target.

Get Up, Get Out, Get Moving

2008-11-08 00:37

Are you one of the more than 68 million people who have a Facebook.com account? If so, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) challenges you to get up, get out and get moving! The free AAOS application, available for download on Facebook, "Get Up! Get Out! Get Moving! Let's Exercise!"

Set fitness goals (promoting weight-bearing exercises)

Track those goals

Join teams that can also set and track fitness goals

Challenge friends and teammates on Facebook to meet and/or beat goals

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Appropriate Exercise Can Help Prevent ACL Injuries In Female Athletes

2008-09-28 10:55

APTA releases injury prevention tips in observance of National Physical Therapy Month.

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is urging female athletes - particularly soccer players - to consider a new warm-up program to help lower their growing risk of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. The announcement comes as APTA celebrates National Physical Therapy Month this October, an annual observance designed to educate the public about the important role physical therapists and physical therapist assistants play in the health care system.

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What Does Positive Exercise Testing in Athletes Mean?

2008-09-01 11:04

In competitive athletes >35 years of age with a high-risk profile for future cardiovascular events, an exercise test is mandatory to rule out/confirm the presence of (silent) underlying ischemic heart disease

· For recreational sports/leisure-time activity, the exercise test today is recommended on an individual basis

· Exercise tests do have proven weaknesses, showing both false positive and false negative results, making additional testing necessary, especially in uncertain case.

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What About Some Sports With a Balance Wheelchair

2008-07-26 11:43
Balance Wheelchair

Balance Sport Wheelchair becomes the winner of International Design Excellence Award 08, in Medical and Scientific Concerts Category. This wheelchair allows good balance when doing sports and gives an opportunity to elderly wheelchair users to get some exercise.

While observing a wheelchair basketball scrimmage, it became apparent to the designers that hands have two primary roles in the game: propelling, turning or stopping the player's own chair and shooting, passing, dribbling, stealing and blocking.

Can You Be Born a Couch Potato?

2008-07-17 17:09

The key to good health is to be physically active. The key to being active is… to be born that way?

The well-documented importance of exercise in maintaining fitness has created the idea that individuals can manage their health by increasing their activity. But what if the inclination to engage in physical activity is itself significantly affected by factors that are predetermined? Two new studies suggest that the inclination to exercise may be strongly affected by genetics.

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Top Three Exercises To Get, Stay In Shape

2008-07-10 10:20

Americans are looking for clear and concise answers when it comes to how to drop a few pounds this summer and many are turning to their personal trainers to show them the way. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently conducted a survey of 1000 ACE-Certified Personal Trainers to get their advice regarding the best techniques to get fit for summer.

They recommended strength training, interval training and increased cardio as their top three exercise approaches for a summer, total-body makeover when combined with a sensible, portion controlled, healthy diet.

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World Ranked Triathlete Launches Fitness Fashion

2008-06-29 23:45
Vai Fitness Fashion

Silvia Giamanco, a native of Brazil and world ranked triathlete, has launched a Brazilian fitness attire line in San Diego. A long time personal trainer and owner of Vai Fitness and Spa (vaifitness.com) , Silvia wanted to bring the sexiness, style, and boldness of her country’s flair into fitness attire that is breathable, functional, and fun.

If you have any upcoming fitness-geared photo shoots, Silvia would love to give you whatever clothes you would like. Also, if you’re up to writing a little blurb about her new line of the clothing, she’d be thrilled for that, too.

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How Exercise Changes Function Of Heart

2008-04-29 11:39

For the first time researchers are beginning to understand exactly how various forms of exercise impact the heart. Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators, in collaboration with the Harvard University Health Services, have found that 90 days of vigorous athletic training produces significant changes in cardiac structure and function and that the type of change varies with the type of exercise performed. Their study appears in the April Journal of Applied Physiology.

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Research Focuses On Treatment, Prevention Of Sports Injuries

2008-04-18 11:52

As the weather grows warmer, baseball and softball leagues swing into action, soccer and tennis matches start up and cyclists and runners hit the road. The health benefits are substantial for those who regularly participate in sports and physical activity. But unfortunately, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 10,000 emergency room visits per day are the result of participation in sports, recreation or exercise. That's 3.65 million ER trips per year. How can those injuries be reduced?

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Top Strength Exercises For Your Best Summer Beach Body

2008-04-14 12:01

As summer quickly approaches, many of us are scrambling to find a workout regimen that will get us the fastest results so we can look good by Memorial Day. The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) polled their member database -- nearly 100,000 personal trainers and health professionals strong -- their survey recommended trying the following exercises for each body part to get your best summer beach body:

1. Chest: incline and decline dumbbell presses

2. Back: seated lat rows

3. Lower Back: reverse hypers

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