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Muscle Building and Muscle Recovery Scientific Secrets You Need to Know

2012-04-26 11:54
Weight Training Image

Building muscle through weight training to increase strength and bulk up the body are the primary goals of serious body builders and health conscious individuals seeking to lose weight and get fit. According to researchers, one misconception both types of individuals hold onto is that building muscle means pressing, lifting, pushing and pulling the heaviest weights a person can handle during exercise.

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Getting Fit with Your Kids - It's a Family Affair

2012-01-13 10:36
Child fitness

Getting fit is work. And like most parents, getting fit typically means having to schedule in a constant and predictable workout plan that most kids would relish about as much as doing homework during a holiday. To help parents and their kids get fit together, Dr. Michael J. Berry, Director of the Human Performance Laboratory at Wake Forest University provides 11 tips on how parents can take the tedium out of exercise and get their children interested in getting fit with them.

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Jane Fonda at Dr. Oz show talks about her fitness revolution and anorexia

2011-12-14 21:17
Jane Fonda

On the Dr. Oz Show, special guest Jane Fonda reveals her life’s secrets and the lessons she has learned in what she refers to as “The Three Acts of Life.” Act I is about her early years and a life of privilege where she had to deal with a distant father and stardom in film. Act II is about her rise as a controversial activist and then a fitness revolutionary dealing with her own issues of bulimia and anorexia. Act III is about healing the psychic wounds she bore from life. All three Acts are shared with viewers to explain how they can perform a “life review” and move forward to a fuller, healthier and richer future.

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