Coffee and Caffeine

Coffee Reduces Stroke Risk in Women

Feb 17 2009 - 11:57pm
Women, Coffee and Stroke

Two new studies show that women who drink coffee daily can lower their risk for stroke.

These studies are important because they illustrate the importance of diet, particularly the effects of plant-based antioxidant-rich bioflavonoid chemicals, on human health. Caffeine in coffee has many health benefits when used in moderation, including its ability to dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.

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Midlife Coffee Drinkers Have Lower Alzheimer's Risk

Jan 22 2009 - 9:42pm
Drinking Coffee and Alzheimer's Risk

According to a new study, consuming 3-5 cups of coffee daily in midlife lowers the chances of developing Alzheimer's disease or dementia by 65%.

The study, performed at the University of Kuopio, Finland in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, and the National Public Health Institute, Helsinki, Finland, examined the association between drinking coffee and tea midlife, and the risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia later in life.

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Caffeine No Substitute For A Nap To Enhance Memory

Dec 9 2008 - 2:17pm
Caffeine No Substitute For A Nap To Enhance Memory

Hoping to improve your tennis serve? It's probably better to catch a few winks than load up on java after a lesson, results of a NIMH-supported study suggest. Caffeine impaired such motor learning and verbal memory, while an afternoon nap benefited all three types of learning tested by Sara Mednick, Ph.D., and colleagues at the University of California, San Diego.


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Caffeine during pregnancy linked to fetal growth restriction

Nov 3 2008 - 9:35am
Caffeine during pregnancy

Consuming caffeine at any time during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of fetal growth restriction (low birth weight), according to research published on today.

Although some previous studies have also shown this, this BMJ study additionally shows that any amount and type of caffeine intake - from tea, cola, chocolate, cocoa, and some prescription drugs, as well as coffee - is linked with relatively slower fetal growth.

No Link Between Caffeine Consumption, Breast Cancer Risk

Oct 17 2008 - 7:11am

Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) have dispelled a past belief that caffeine consumption may increase breast cancer risk. Their findings, published in Archives of Internal Medicine, show that caffeine consumption does not appear to be linked with overall breast cancer risk.

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