Science Finally Confirms That Certain Fruits Do Not Raise Blood Sugar In Diabetics And Even Prevents Diabetes

Apr 12 2017 - 10:55am
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The search for diabetes prevention foods is over! Eating more fruit is how to cure diabetes naturally without using medication. The science shows fruits thins the blood naturally, helping diabetics avoid vascular problems and is highly instrumental in avoiding the disease altogether. Your doctor should be telling you to eat more of certain fruits!

Diabetes affects more than 420 million people worldwide and more than 29 million people in the United States according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

In fact, statistics show diabetes caused more than a whooping1.5 million deaths in 2012, and in the U.S., diabetes is a leading cause of death, accounting for a 80,000 deaths annually, according to the latest statistics from the CDC, leaving the burning question of how to reverse diabetes permanently on everyone's mind." Don't miss this story discussing 10 bad foods for Diabetes and some good alternatives.

Diabetics Get The Green Light To Avoid Diabetes Without Medication!

According to a new, and long overdue study from the University of Oxford, skeptical diabetics have finally got the green light they've been waiting for to eat more of certain fruits!

A team of European scientists decided to investigate the health effects of consuming fresh fruit in patients both with and without diabetes and examined the effects of fruit consumption on almost 500,000 people enrolled in the China Kadoorie Biobank national study. The participants of the China study ranged in age between thirty and seventy-nine years old, and lived in ten different areas across China. The participants were clinically followed for approximately seven years. (Also see: The One Medicinal Food That Doesn’t Spike Blood Sugar In Diabetics).

Interestingly, during the follow-up period, 9,504 cases of diabetes were identified in participants who did not have diabetes at the beginning of the study. Using Cox regression models, researchers analyzed the correlations with consumption of fresh fruit while also adjusting for age, sex, location, socioeconomic status, body mass index (BMI), and family history of diabetes.

In total,18.8 percent of the participants said that they consumed fresh fruit every day, and 6.4 percent said that they never or rarely consumed fruit. Those who had been previously diagnosed with diabetes were three times as likely to not consume fruit than those without diabetes or with screen-detected diabetes. (Read about these Type 2 Diabetes No-Nos: What NOT to do if you have type 2).

Not surprisingly the research team found that how to reverse diabetes permanently isn't such a far off question. People who did not have diabetes at the beginning of the study and consumed fresh fruit in high amounts had a significantly lower risk of diabetes. What is more, those who had diabetes at the beginning of the study and consumed high amounts of fruit had a significantly lower risk of dying from any cause, as well as a lower risk of developing cardiovascular complications.

Therefore, higher fresh fruit consumption was associated with how to reverse diabetes permanently by showing a significantly lower risk of diabetes and, among diabetic individuals, lower risks of death overall, as well as prevention of major vascular complications despite the study's "uncertainties"about its potential effects on risks of death and major vascular complications.

It Is Time To Stop Fearing Fruit



This is such a lie. Ever heard of CGM? Slap one on you, eat an orange and watch your sugar rise. Big Pharma and its bought out "scientists" strike again. "face palm"
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This is absurd and really not in doubt. Fruits absorb more slowly than processed carbs due to to the fiber they are tied up in, but they still raise your blood sugar and the fructose contributes to insulin resistance and fatty liver. Type II people eating low carb may tolerate small amounts.
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While I read number of comments that express the opposite view, the study clearly says this. I quote from the study's abstract. "In this large epidemiological study in Chinese adults, higher fresh fruit consumption was associated with significantly lower risk of diabetes and, among diabetic individuals, lower risks of death and development of major vascular complications." - The China Kadoorie Biobank study was conducted in accordance with a predefined study protocol, and data analyses were performed following a prespecified analysis plan.
Yep the meter doesn't lie. But studies with an agenda sometimes only tell half the picture. Associations are not causation
Yep the meter doesn't lie. But studies with an agenda sometimes only tell half the picture. Associations are not causation
Fruit is mostly water, so yes it will thin the blood sugar will drinking water. Both lower the sugar concentration. Excess water in the cardio-v system will increase blood pressure. To claim that fruit does not raise the blood sugar concentration is misleading of not an out right lie.
The topic should be modified as " Science finally confirms that Fruit Does Not Raise Blood Sugar In Diabetics. It rather prevents it."
I have fresh fruits for breakfast almost everyday. But then i dont eat or drink anything else. 50% of my fruits are Citrus and rest others limited to 5-6 fruits max. Bananas and dates can be taken by a type 2 diabetic limited 2 pcs per day. Even Mangoes can be taken without any issue within the limitation of 5-6 fruits. Fruits should be eaten upto 12 noon only in a empty stomach.
When I had gestational diabetes, fruit did spike my blood sugar levels. Except berries like strawberries, blueberries.
GMO fruits will spike insulin, ex dates, pineapple, banana, corn etc because they contain disaccharide sugars which doesn't exist in nature on its own but rather was selected by humans and genetically modified because it is sweeter. Non-GMO fruits don't spike insulin.
A fruitarian diet cured my diabetes. It took some time for my body to adjust and rebalance itself, during which my blood sugar levels initially spiked with fruit intake, but the more I continue with the fruitarian diet, the better I felt until I was finally diabetes free. Not only I healed myself from diabetes 1 but I also regained a much stronger hair and my overall appearance changed for the better. My energy levels are top now and I can finally run long tracks without feeling exhausted.
Please tell me then why diabetics are advised to drink orange juice if their sugar drops too low? This is a dangerous "study".
There's no fibre in orange juice and so the fructose is much more concentrated than in whole fruit so juice will effect blood sugar much more drastically than a piece of whole raw fruit.
Let me know the fruits which are beneficial for diabetics person in India, especially in Kerala.
All low fat fruits. :) So no avocados, nuts, seeds, oils or animal products like milk, meat, eggs, etc.
Wow.. lots of misunderstandings regarding fruit in these comments. The thing is, FAT intake is basically the CAUSE of Diabetes2. So when replacing animal products and oils with fruit you can easily reverse Diabetes2 and decrease insulin resistance in Diabetes1.
I'm not sure, but I'd imagine you'd have to consume mass quantities of fruit every single day for a long time in order to actually end up with Type II Diabetes just from fruit. It's my understanding that Type II is a product of long-time insulin resistance to the significant intake of all sugars. Fruit sugar is sugar, but sugars found in processed foods can be worse and excessive to the point where you have no idea how much you're consuming if you're not reading labels. Sugar is added to everything from breads to salad dressings. Refined grains and cereals are packed with sugar. High fructose corn syrup is in almost everything and it's engineered to have more fructose that is rapidly absorbed by your body. It's in ketchup, salad dressings, bbq sauce, and it can even be in bread. I found a brand of yogurt (forget the name) that was fat free but had 35 grams of sugar in one little cup!! That's insane and if you're not paying attention you'd have no idea how much sugar you're ingesting. And I haven't even bothered to mention candy and junk food. It's a diet based on this stuff that really leads to Type II and consuming unhealthy fat exacerbates the problem, but doesn't cause insulin resistance by itself. To prevent and reverse the disease a low carb diet with the right amount of healthy fats, free of processed grains and added sugars, is the way to go.
The writer of this article is so freaking stupid! Where he acquired his degree must have been from a Blue Light Special at K-Mart because you CAN NOT COMPARE Type 1 Diabetes to Type 2 Diabetes and they should not be allowed to publish articles without being specific in the first sentence that this applies to Type 2 because FRUIT jacks a Type 1's Blood sugar almost as fast as a Pixi Stix! Hate stupid people!
This article blatantly misquotes the study, and seems to have misinterpreted it altogether. The study did NOT say fruit does not raise blood sugar, only correlation with risk of complications. I'm a type 1 diabetic, and I can tell you right off that fruit DOES raise blood sugar, very predictably. It's healthy, but it's still carbohydrates so I need insulin when I consume it. In fact, ALL carbohydrates raise blood sugar, that's how the human body is built, including non-diabetic ones. The study itself is faulty, to begin with - it does not state whether the diabetic participants were type 1 or type 2, and that makes a world of difference because both types have completely different mechanisms. Moreover, the researchers themselves indicated that a major limitation is that this is an observational study, and it depends heavily on self-reporting which might not be accurate. If your knowledge of 'science' is so shaky, you really should not be misleading people by writing crap like this article.