5 Inexpensive Clothes And Shoes For Pregnant Women That Transition Fantastically to Mommyhood for Under $50

Mar 31 2017 - 4:16pm
Pregnancy inexpensive clothes

We found the most stylish, functional and inexpensive shoes and clothes for pregnant women for under $50 dollars.

When looking for the best shoe options for pregnant women, it’s not easy to find a shoe that does it all, especially when you’re well, expanding. In online surveys we asked veteran and new Moms what inexpensive maternity clothes and shoes they thought would be the most stylish and practical for pregnant women and beyond, and the response was overwhelming!

Pregnancy requires Fluidity
There were many consistencies in what pregnant women and new mommies wanted when it came to an everyday shoe – they wanted functionality, needed their pregnancy/post-pregnancy shoes to be stretchable, have easy slip-on-and-off access, stylish enough to wear every day, and inexpensive. Essentially, they wanted fluidity -- an on-the-go shoe that transitioned well from pregnancy and beyond!

While that’s a tall order, we’ve risen to the occasion. In order to decide what are the best shoe options for pregnant women we scouted Shoecast, and provided five of the most comfy and inexpensive shoes for pregnancy and beyond for $50 bucks and under!

Cool Clothes That Move With You

When it came to clothing, pregnant women wanted inexpensive maternity clothes that moved with them, such as the maternity essentials at Target or the cool and casual styles at Walmart. Whether it’s the best shoe options for pregnant women or inexpensive maternity clothes, we’ve got you covered!

Here are our picks for inexpensive shoes for pregnancy:

High five on the Champion Women’s Sierra Slip-On! This is the shoe every expecting mommy needs. Since back pain comes part and parcel with pregnancy and beyond, you’ll need a shoe that can slip on and kick off easily, without bending. The Champion Women's Sierra Slip-ons come in variety of colors, and are comfortable walking shoes that support the back with a little “give” for the expansion and deflation of your pre and post mommy feet! What’s more, you can get more than one pair for as little as $30 dollars each! Can you say, “Score!”

If you’re a Minimalist Mommy, the Minnetonka Moccasin is the shoe for you! The Minnetonka Moccasin is a chic addition to leggings. For under $30 dollars, these cute, washable and stretchable moccasins come in a variety of colors and will give you a chic and comfortable edge as they effortlessly slip on and off and even stretch with swelling feet!

For minimalism at its best, the gorgeous and incredibly stylish Sanuk Yoga Slingback Sandal from Walmart is a winner and transitions from yoga class to poolside effortlessly. What is more, the Sanuk Yoga Slingback sandal perfectly hugs your foot for under $12 dollars! Hey, for that price, you might want to hug them back!