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Cleveland Clinic Unravels Unique Enzymatic Activity Of An Animal Virus

Apr 16 2007 - 4:32am

Cleveland Clinic researchers have discovered a new biochemical pathway that is essential for the reproduction of the animal virus, vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV), a virus belonging to the family that causes rabies, measles, Marburg Disease, and Ebola, and many others.

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New Wellness Healthy Weight Natural Food Helps 'Fat Cats' Slim Down

Apr 13 2007 - 3:10am

The Wellness brand of natural food and treats for pets tackles this ever expanding issue head on and now offers cats and their loving owners a specialized solution with Wellness Healthy Weight - part of its new Wellness Dietary Solutions feline dry nutrition line that has been designed with cat health and wellness in mind.

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Pet Owners' Next Step as Pet Food Is Recalled

Apr 9 2007 - 3:46pm

Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist announced today a comprehensive holistic plan to help heal pets affected by the pet food recall. "Pets affected by the pet food recall can greatly benefit from a balanced homemade diet and nutritional supplements that will help detoxify the kidneys and liver", says Susan Blake Davis, veterinary nutritionist. She advises pet owners to take their pets immediately to their veterinarian for a blood and urine test if they suspect their pet may have been affected.

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California Mayors Recognize Anniversary Of Pet Insurance In America

Apr 9 2007 - 11:03am

In a broad support for California-based Veterinary Pet Insurance dozens of mayors across the 'Golden State' have written letters to VPI congratulating the pet-centric company on reaching the historic milestone of protecting America's pets for a quarter of a century.

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Del Monte Pet Products Voluntarily Withdraws Specific Product Codes of Pet Treats and Wet Dog Food Products

Apr 3 2007 - 12:20pm

Del Monte Pet Products is voluntarily recalling select product codes of its pet treat products sold under the Jerky Treats, Gravy Train Beef Sticks and Pounce Meaty Morsels brands as well as select dog snack and wet dog food products sold under private label brands.

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