New Stroke Risk Factor Tungsten in Your Smartphone and Computer

2013-11-14 08:44
Tungsten stroke risk factor

Exposure to tungsten is associated with an increased risk for stroke. Tungsten is found in your smartphones and computers.

There has been a growing awareness of the potentially serious health effects of exposure to toxins in the environment. Research has lead to findings that exposure to tungsten is associated with an increased risk for stroke. Although many people have rarely if ever considered tungsten as a possibly dangerous toxin, it is regularly used in consumer products such as mobile phones and computers, and in many industrial and military products.

High tungsten expsure is associated with an increased risk for stroke

High urinary tungsten concentration is associated with an increased risk for stroke, according to a review of this research published by Plus One. Due to an increase in tungsten demand over the years the potential for human exposure to the metal has increased. Although the toxicology of tungsten is not well understood at this time, evidence has suggested that there are cytoxic effects in the elemental metal and its alloys.

The situation is serious. Consider that aside from concerns about stroke, cobalt-tungsten carbide, which is used to make certain tools, dies, and wear-resistant products for oil and other industries, has shown some evidence of causing lung cancer among workers, as reported upon by ThebloggingExpert reporter Deborah Mitchell.

Researchers have investigated the association between tungsten and cardiovascular disease (CVD) or stroke. Elevated tungsten concentrations were found to be strongly associated with an increase in the prevalence of stroke. People with higher urinary tungsten concentrations were found to have double the risk of reported stroke. The researchers have conjectured that the pathological pathway which results from tungsten exposure may involve oxidative stress.

Stroke is a leading cause of death in the western world

In a review of this research by Bioscience Technology it is reported that this research by a group from the University of Exeter represents the most comprehensive analysis as of this time
of the potential health effects of tungsten. The association between tungsten exposure and stroke is compelling, particularly in view of the potential seriousness of stroke.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that second to heart disease stroke is the second leading cause of death in the western world at this time. I have reviewed some considerations on why stroke numbers are increasing and how it can be prevented, in another article for ThebloggingExpert.

Furthermore, stroke is the leading cause of disability in adults, and is often associated with:

1: Loss of motor control

2: Urinary incontinence

3: Depression

4: Memory loss

Of particular concern has been the finding in this study that tungsten could be a significant risk factor for stroke in people who are less than 50 years old. It has generally been thought hat exposure to tungsten was too low to be of any great concern. However, the increased use of tungsten in products more and more people use daily, such as mobile phones and computers, has raised concerns about tungsten exposure.

Tungsten has been found to be contaminating the environment