Obesity Cause and Help

Exercise Releases Fat-Shedding Hormone

2016-10-11 16:31
fat shedding exercise

Exercise not only will burn off excess calorie storage, but may also help release chemicals within the body that keeps fat from forming!

Many, many research studies show the benefits of regular physical activity – not the least of which is helping one reach a healthy weight.

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Citrus Fruits A Natural Way to Protect Your Health

2016-08-22 16:22
Citrus fruit natural health

Adding a serving of citrus fruits to your diet may help prevent the harmful negative effects of obesity, find researchers at the American Chemical Society.

Health experts recommend that each American strive for at least two servings of fruit per day – equally about 2 cups.

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Prevent Your Diet Plan from Failing with Simple Advice

2016-07-15 14:25
quick diet plan

Why did your diet plan fail last time? It is likely that you have not chosen a diet that fits with your lifestyle.

Most of us tackle weight loss with a vengeance – setting off on a super strict diet and brutal exercise plan. The problem?

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Obesity Interfering with Progress against Heart Disease Risk

2016-06-30 15:27
Obesity and heart disease

Heart disease and stroke together take a greater toll on America’s health than any other condition. But we are losing the battle against this disease, partly due to our excess weight and increasing incidence of Type 2 diabetes.

Unfortunately, the cost of cardiovascular disease in the US is more than $500 billion per year.

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Office Cake Culture Contributing to Weight Gain

2016-06-28 13:58
Office Cake

Does your office frequently cater meetings? Do you often have parties for celebrations such as promotions, birthdays, or retirement? If so, your work life may be contributing to your weight concerns.

Did you know that according to a recent survey by CareerBuilder.com, 41% of the US workforce states that t

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Dads Have Big Influence on Their Childrens Weight

2016-06-27 15:57
fathers and children's weight loss

Men - the little ones are watching. You may not realize it, but you play a vital role in your children developing healthy behaviors that will last into their adulthood.

There have been several studies about the role that mothers have on children eating more healthfully and getting more physical activity.

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The Connection Between Sleep and Diet

2016-06-14 13:50
sleep and diet

While you may not realize it, there is a big connection between your weight and how you sleep at night. Several studies point to the need to eat a healthier diet and get more exercise – and lose excess weight if needed.

Much research has been done regarding the correlation between chronic sleep disruption and weight gain.

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How The Time Spent In Your Car Contribute To Your Weight Loss

2016-06-10 11:54
Commute and Weight loss

How far do you drive to and from work each day? If you are in your car for more than an hour, you may want to consider what it is doing to your health.

Obviously, a sedentary lifestyle is one risk factor for obesity. Most of us can work harder toward being more active in our daily lives.

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Copper - The Nutrient You Never Knew You Needed

2016-06-07 16:24
Copper nutrient benefits

Copper, a trace mineral, is an essential nutrient to the human body for many biologic functions. Researchers now believe it plays a role in fat metabolism as well.

While you may not have realized it, copper – yes, the same metal used in jewelry and plumbing – is actually an essential mineral needed for functions such as forming red blood cells, absorbing iron

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Hormone Levels in Teens May Be Culprit in Weight Gain

2016-05-27 13:40
Weight gain in teens

You’ve likely never heard of “spexin.” But it could be a key for researchers in finding a better way to control weight in obese teenagers.

Excess weight for most of us is a simple matter – we eat too many calories and we do not get enough exercise.

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Could chemicals in your makeup make you fat?

2016-04-26 10:05
Study hints chemicals in personal care products could contribute to obesity

New research hints at a possible link between personal care products that contain phthalates and obesity. What if your soap, nail polish and other products you use every day really were causing your waistline to expand?

The study, conducted by University of Georgia researchers, was carried out in mouse cells that the scientists exposed to the phthalate benzyl butyl phthalate, or BBP.

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Researchers Just Suggested The Best Drug For Weight Loss in Depressed People

2016-04-21 14:43
medications and weight loss

If you have depression and are also overweight, consider talking with your doctor about adding Wellbutrin to your plan of care.

Past studies have shown that people who are depressed are more likely to be overweight.

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Color coding for weight loss: Which foods get the green light?

2016-03-07 18:53
The Thinsulin Program explained

Could color coding your food be the easiest way to lose weight? If it sounds good, you might be interested in the Thinsulin program that claims to have helped thousands of people with weight loss.

Weight loss that leads to better health is no easy task. There is a plethora of information available that is downright confusing for the average consumer. Should you cut calories?

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Is breathing making some of us fat?

2016-02-19 14:07
air pollution linked to obesity

It may sound extreme, but there is new evidence that breathing might be contributing to the obesity epidemic. You might be asking how it's possible. Weight gain and obesity could be fueled by air pollution.

Researchers publishing in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) linked obesity in rats to the air the rodents were breathing.

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Obesity, microcephaly and the Zika virus: How serious is the Zika virus?

2016-02-16 00:03

The WHO, CDC and other large health organizations have created official travel warnings for anyone who may be planning to visit South America because of an outbreak of the Zika virus. Although knowledge about the virus is limited, there is a strong warning for those who are pregnant and may become pregnant based on potential health risks for unborn children. The virus has also raised other questions, and researchers are taking a closer look at it. Could the Zika virus also be one of the viral infections that has been linked to obesity? Is the virus responsible for microcephaly in babies?

Viruses and obesity

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High altitudes may lower obesity risk

2015-05-09 23:24

People who live at higher altitudes – at least 1,500 feet above sea level – are less likely to become overweight or obese than people who live at lower altitudes, according to a new study.

The study included more than 9,300 Spanish university graduates divided into three groups based on their homes’ altitude: below 407 feet (low), 407 to 1,496 feet (medium), and above 1,496 feet (hig

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Vitamin D supplements may aid weight loss for deficient individuals

2015-05-08 19:44
Vitamin D supplements may help some lose weight

People who are overweight or obese and who are vitamin D deficient may be able to lose weight by taking a supplement of the nutrient, according to a new study.

Previous studies have linked obesity to vitamin D deficiency, and research has suggested that people who are overweight may be less able to convert vitamin D into its hormonally active form.

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Mom’s pre-pregnancy obesity linked to ADHD, other problems in children

2015-05-03 22:05
Mothers' prepregnancy obesity linked to ADHD in children

Children of women who were very obese before getting pregnant are at increased risk of emotional and behavioral problems, a new study suggests.

Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that when mothers were severely obese before pregnancy, their children were more likely to have issues such as developmenta

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GERD: Tips and Treatment, Consequences of Untreated Disease

2015-04-16 23:54
GERD Treatment

An article written by Teresa Tanoos ThebloggingExpert inspired me to write this article about GERD. It mentions a new option for treating gastro- esophageal reflux disease (GERD) . It is really not a new option, but it was not always widely available due to costs. (Being third tier many insurance platforms). The new option is generic Nexium. The food and drug administration (FDA) has approved the nation's first generic version for the treatment of GERD.

GERD is due to the backup of excessive amount of gastric juices into the esophagus.

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Obese women at increased risk of developing cancer

2015-03-17 15:02
Obese women 41 percent more likely to develop cancer

Obese women are over 40 percent more likely to develop certain cancers than women of a healthy weight, according to new estimates from Cancer Research UK.

Obesity is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. In the United States, more than a third of adults and nearly a fifth of children and adolescents are affected by obesity.

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Children of obese mothers at increased risk of obesity

2015-03-14 14:32
Children of obese mothers more likely to be obese

A new study has found that children whose mothers were overweight or obese before pregnancy, or whose mothers gained too much weight during pregnancy, are at an increased risk of being obese themselves.

The study included 727 Dominican and black mothers in the South Bronx and northern Manhattan.

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New option approved for treating GERD

2015-01-27 13:11
FDA approves generic version of drug for treating GERD

Options for treating gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD) offer new hope for those suffering from the condition, including FDA-approved generic drugs that provide greater access to healthcare for Americans.

The FDA has approved the nation’s first generic version of the drug Nexium for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease, also referred to as GERD, which occurs when an excessive am

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The Easiest (and Healthiest) Way to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days

2014-08-23 10:51
easy and healthy weight loss

You are someone who can do a lot of things. You are an achiever. But do you find that dieting and sticking with it is that one thing that keeps you from looking like an achiever? According to Health magazine, one of the easiest and healthiest ways to lose 10 pounds in 30 days is to “Swap Your Way Slim” by switching your go-to foods with better choices.

The following is a summary of 3 food swaps for 3 meals for an approximately 1,400 calorie a day plan created by Cynthia Sass, RD, and author of S.A.S.S.!

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Two Weight Loss Surgery Procedures Measure Up after 3 Years

2014-08-22 11:19
Weight Loss

Have you tried every diet under the sun but still cannot manage to lose any weight? If you are seriously obese, now may be the time to consider these two weight loss surgery procedures that according to Diabetes Forecast show lasting benefits up to 3 years following surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Procedure #1: Gastric Bypass

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Lack of sleep in teens dramatically increases the risk for obesity

2014-08-21 20:29
Teen sleep and obesity

A lack of sleep among teens has been found to be associated with a significant increased risk for obesity. The consequences of not getting enough sleep can therefore be a lot more serious than simply falling asleep in class.

Optimizing sleep duration may help prevent excess weight gain in teens.

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Fast-food and full-service restaurant eating is generally unhealthy

2014-08-11 18:40
Eating out

Eating at fast-food and full-service restaurants has been found to be associated with poor health outcomes. People often seem to feel it's fun to eat out. However, a recent study shows it's not usually a very healthy experience to eat out.

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