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Mental disorders: Toxoplasma gondii as the ASD and ADHD causative agent

Toxoplasma gondii brings intervention which could be embodied in a special way. Last research found the connection between this type of parasite and mental disorders which could appear as the result of influence. As the basic cause which leads to the Toxoplasma gondii growth could be some special circumstances, which includes pregnancy and some range of infections. Parasite’s unexpected premature growth leads to the inflammatory processes, which could oversaturate brain with nitric oxide and some other elements. As the result, the brain gets the wrong chain of neuro-processes which are leads to the mental disorders.

New target found for treating MS

University of Alberta researchers have discovered something previously unknown about multiple sclerosis that could mean new hope for patients tackling the baffling disease.

Friday, 2017, March 24 - 6:00pm
Flu Natural Treatments

The flu doesn't have a season anymore. In fact, many believe the common cold has had it's day and there are only varying degrees of the flu. Should you come down with symptoms, here is how to cure the flu fast without using medicine.

Friday, 2017, March 24 - 4:14pm
Sugary foods

A treat here or there is not harmful, but repeatedly offering a nutrition-poor diet to children will ultimately affect their long-term health.

Friday, 2017, March 24 - 3:28pm

Researchers say that exposure to microbes may offer protection against asthma.

Friday, 2017, March 24 - 5:56am
natural ways to improve the life of autistic children!

Thyroid dysfunction is frequently found in children with autism. A recent research suggested that the reason for that is because autistic children have a higher expression of FrО± (Folate receptor О±), during the early prenatal period, although expression decreases significantly in later gestation and postnatal thyroid tissue. The high expression of FRО± in the early foetal thyroid, suggests that foetal and neonatal exposure to maternal FRО±О±s could affect the development of the thyroid and may contribute to the pathology in autism. But, there are natural ways to treat thyroid dysfunction and improve the life of Autistic children.

Thursday, 2017, March 23 - 11:12pm
running, periods, menstruation

If you've started on a rigorous running regimen to compliment your weight loss plan, you might have found that your periods are slowing and even stopping completely. Here's what's happening.

Thursday, 2017, March 23 - 5:11pm
headache migraine natural cure

While there are many natural treatments that are effective at the onset of a migraine headache, it has been proven the way to end a migraine naturally involves lifestyle choices, such as adopting a plant-based diet. .

Thursday, 2017, March 23 - 4:40pm

Fresh pasta can turn into a delicious and quick meal for your entire family. This gluten-free homemade pasta recipe is easy to follow and is safe for celiac disease.

Thursday, 2017, March 23 - 3:19pm
For the first time researchers understand how diabetes damages the heart. The good news is it is reversible.

Researchers have discovered for the first time how diabetes can cause heart damage. The finding is good news because scientists have also discovered the process is reversible.

Thursday, 2017, March 23 - 11:25am
Hemp seed oil as a supplement heals atopic dermatitis

Scientists have found that dietary hemp seed oil helps healing atopic dermatitis, which may include: eczema or a skin inflammation that results in itchy, red, swollen and cracked skin. The reason why hemp seed oil was efficient in relieving the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, was because it raised plasma fatty acids profiles in the subjects, according to scientists.

Thursday, 2017, March 23 - 12:46am
hair loss, biotin

Canadian researchers have found evidence that finasteride and dutasteride can increase your risk for depression. Here's what you need to know, and some natural alternatives that can restore your hair growth.

Thursday, 2017, March 23 - 12:34am
A hot sunny day in Vietnam

Researchers in Hanoi, Vietnam say that heat exposure is associated with mental illness.

Wednesday, 2017, March 22 - 10:37pm